As a dedicated journalist, Margaret Combs has valued people’s lives and the issues that impact health and well-being. Her years as an independent feature writer have taken her into the halls of legislatures, schools, hospitals and homes, where often, children are the focus of the future and its hope.

The Boston Globe

As an education correspondent for the Boston Globe, Margaret Combs has covered multiple learning issues, including social equity in the classroom, school choice, innovative teaching, and critical skills for the 21st century. To sample her articles, click on the arrows below.

“Facing a Quiet Crises” >>>
“What About Boys?” >>>
“Political Agendas in the Classroom” >>>
“Religion in Schools” >>>

Parenting Publications of America

As a syndicated feature writer, Margaret Combs has received four Excellence in Journalism Awards from the Parenting Publications of America. Her in-depth articles on child health and development have appeared in the Boston Parents Paper, Seattle’s Child, Eastside Parent, San Francisco Parent and Carolina Parent. Click on the arrows below to read three of her syndicated pieces.   

“Boy or Girl – What Difference Does it Make?” >>>
“Childhood Under the Gun” >>>
“Vid Kids: How is Screen Time Affecting Your Children? >>>

Independent School Magazine

Margaret Combs has listened to young people opinions and given voice to issues they care about. Here, she speaks with two students acting to improve water rights around the world.

Students Weigh in on Global Water Rights >>>

Womens’ Sports Magazine

Drawing from her experience as a competitive athlete and coach, Margaret Combs has alerted female athletes and coaches to the dangers of overtraining.  To read more, click on the arrows below.

“Tell Me Where It Hurts: a rash of new injuries” >>>
“By Food Possessed: athletes purge and starve” >>>